Same Time Next Year

Photo:  How to Plan a Roadtrip

They agreed to meet every year at the same spot just before sunrise when everything started to come alive. They held hands as they followed each other down the narrow path. The sea oats tickled their legs as they passed.
When they were teenagers, they had agreed to meet on the last day of August before things became busy. They would go to their favorite spot away from the crowds. A place where the seagrass grew wild and the sand dunes were tall enough to seclude them from the rest of the beach. They’d drink mimosas out of Dixie cups and watch the sunrise.

Sometimes other people would join them at their spot. Boyfriends, cousins visiting for the summer, new friends they made at school would tag along. People came and went. But the three girls always remained, filling each other in on anything and everything. They would talk until the champagne bottle was empty and the sun was high in the sky. Even as their skin began to burn, they kept talking, laughing, and talking some more.

It was a moment to celebrate their friendship while memorializing the end of the summer.

When a silence would fall between them, no one rushed to fill the air. Instead, they would all watch the waves crash against the shore, enjoying each other’s company.

Eventually, when the sun became too hot and their voices tired, they would hug each other and say…

Until next year.


It was near daybreak, so she knew she didn’t have too much time to get dressed. She decided on something comfortable with a relaxed fit. The main reason for today was not about her outfit choice. Today was about friendship. But even as she headed out the door, she couldn’t ignore the tiny voice in her head saying, is this the same thing I wore last time? 

Same Time Next Year

Post Details:

Tank: Bella & Canvas

Shorts: Banana Republic

Shoes: Keds

Bandana: Rebecca Minkoff

Bracelet: Lily and Laura

Comment Questions: How do you plan to enjoy the last few weeks of summer? What’s your go-to outfit for hanging out with friends? When you’re with friends, are you more relaxed or adventurous with your style?


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