Style School: Fall 2017 Trends

Photo: Viktor Hanacek

The click clack of her silver metallic boots had people’s heads turning as she walked down the hall. She couldn’t help but smile as she passed the gawkers. All this attention made her feel like she on a runway at fashion week and not walking down the dimly lit hall to her next class.

With all the attention she was getting from her peers, she had a feeling her next class was going to be easier than she thought. She entered the crowded classroom and found an empty seat in the front row by the window.

On the board, she saw the teacher had already written the topic for day: Fall 2017 Trends.

A girl passing on the way to the back of the room, stop and told her that she loved her boots. She smiled again feeling the confidence from earlier.

“Who knows,” she thought, “I might end up being the one teaching this class!”

Class is in session!   


Roses & Red 

Lucky for her red was her most worn color because it represented the things she loved the most Red Vines and passion and people passionate about Red Vines.


Links for products mentioned above: blazer, top, dress, scarf 


Work Wear & 70’s Flare

(power suits, prints, corduroy, etc.)

She was excited to hear that office wear was back in style. She secretly loved the tweed jackets with elbow patches and the faint hint of pipe tobacco her boyfriend professor always wore.


Products for the links above: trousers, blazeroveralls, dress


Slogan Tees

Need she say more? Instead of speaking your mind, say it in a t-shirt!


Links for the products mentioned above: Female Revolution, Born to Ride, Adios, It’s Gameday Y’all 



With this new “out of this world trend,” she couldn’t help but wonder if women really are from Venus.


Links for the products mentioned above: boots, bag, top, dress


Feathers & Fringe

Finally, she had an excuse to turn her old Black Swan halloween costume into everyday wear. 


Links for the products mentioned above: hat, jacket, earrings, jeans



(folklore patterns, patchwork, and sherling)

It made her wonder if her Capri Sun patchwork bag would ever come back in style. She could still remember the pain from all the times she stabbed herself while hand stitching the plastic pouches together.


Links for the products mentioned above: scarf, jacket, faux leather jacket, socks



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Comment Questions: Which trends are you most excited for, for this fall? 


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