Autumn Sightings

Photo by Vicktor Hanacek 

When she looks to the right, she sees the okra stalks blooming. The flowers are a pale yellow with a dark red center. The bloom looks like it should be behind someone’s ear as they sway to the music somewhere on a tropical island. Instead, it remains attached to the okra stalk in an overgrown garden, waiting until someone comes with a plow to cut it down.

When she looks to her left, she sees her dog laying near her, gnawing on his left paw. She wonders if he ran through a patch of cockleburs again. It seems like every time she brushes them out, five more appear the next day. Her dog always reminds her of the fall season with his caramel colored coat. His speckled black tongue sticks out as he rolls around on the fallen dried leaves from the dogwood tree. The crunch of the leaves and the quiet panting of her dog is the only thing she can hear on this quiet fall afternoon.

When she looks up, she sees the branches of the dogwood tree that she’s sitting underneath. The berries are plump and bright red, ready for the birds to eat in winter. Most of the leaves are still green, but some are getting reddish spots on them. Eventually, they will turn brown and fall, but right now she’s enjoying their vibrant colors, and the shade they are providing her from the sun.

When she looks down, she sees the attempt she made at creating an autumn outfit. Her signature skinny jeans with an olive green v-neck t-shirt, and her favorite paisley brown and pink silk bandana tied around her neck. She likes the olive green color against her alabaster skin. It makes her skin look tanner than it really is. She also loves the silk scarf against her neck. It makes her feel sophisticated and elegant even if she’s only wearing a t-shirt and jeans. It’s the perfect outfit for the beginning weeks of fall. It’s not the time for her to break out the sweaters. That will come later in the fall when the leaves have changed to their glorious shades of crimson and honey. Right now, she plans to enjoy what is in front of her and take in the fall sights as they come.


The Outfit

Autumn Sightings


Post Details

Jeans: American Eagle

T-shirt: Target

Silk bandana: Rebecca Minkoff (old), similar, similar 

Shoes: Sperry

Notebook: Rifle Paper Co.

Comment Questions: What does autumn look like where you live? What’s your go-to outfit for the season?




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