Her Signature Scent Experiment

Photo: Daria Nepriakhina

If her experiment goes according to plan, then she will have solved one of Life’s most sought-after questions: how do you find your signature scent?

With dozens of beakers spread out in front of her on the table, she sniffs one, scribbles something in her notebook, and then takes a whiff from the coffee can next to her. She continues this process until she had tested every single one.

She knows this job isn’t going to be an easy task. To complete this experiment, it’s going to take time, determination, and a good snout.

She first became interested in finding a signature scent when she noticed the people who had one seemed happier and more at ease with themselves than those who didn’t. She wasn’t sure why this was the case, but it was almost like the perfume was a part of that person. It was like their essence in liquid form.

Now comes the tricky question, how could she find a fragrance that best represents who she is as a person? What are the best base notes for a person who is an old soul with a youthful outlook on life? Which perfume is made for the girl who is slightly neurotic and way too hard on herself? She really wants to know because she hasn’t seen a single perfume ad with that type of woman in the commercial.

If she wants to find her answer in a reasonable amount of time, sampling all perfumes ever made will take too much time. So instead, she will focus on one brand that offers a bunch of different scents and has a fancy-ass name to go with it. Atelier Cologne and their colognes absolues. The formula of a cologne absolue is highly concentrated and made from raw natural ingredients that last all day on the skin. Atelier Cologne offers a fabulous Discovery Set where you can sample all of their colognes absolues on your own. Also, on their website, there is an awesome quiz that helps you discover your fragrance wardrobe!

Forming her hypothesis became simple. If she tries all of Atelier Cologne’s perfumes, then she will find the fragrance that best represents her personality; therefore, becoming her signature scent.

She starts her experiment after she received her package. For thirty-some days she will wear a different scent until she has weeded out all the ones she doesn’t like. The ones that remain will be tested again and again and again.

She did this until only one perfume remained: her signature scent.

In the end, she discovered that finding your signature scent takes time. A lot of perfume samples will be involved. You have to have patience and try to find the scent that makes you feel like your beautiful self whenever you wear it. And if there is a quiz out there about which scent profile suits your personality, by-golly take it!

She wouldn’t be giving Marie Curie a run for her money, but she is going to take her money to buy herself a delightfully smelling bottle of Citron d’Erable.


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Fragrance: Citron d’Erable

Comment Questions: What’s your favorite perfume? Do like just having one “signature scent” or do you like to mix it up based on your mood or season? 





Note: I promise you this post is not sponsored by Atelier Cologne; although, it’s hard to tell from all the gushing I was doing up above. I just really admire the brand as a whole, and I think their Discovery Set is amazing if you’re in the market for a new perfume and want to test out different scents. If you know of another brand that does something similar, then please share it in the comments. I know others, as well as myself, would love to know. 


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