…For Wishful Thinking

Photo by Heidi Sandstrom

She had bought the lottery ticket on a whim. She had stopped at a service station for a fill-up and a pack of gum when she spotted the Powerball sign right beside the till. With the change from her purchase, she decided to buy one. Afterall, it was only 2 bucks! She could afford to waste $2; although, she really could not. She ignored that fact and told herself that in her twenties she was supposed to be spontaneous and fun, and buying a lottery ticket was both.

Though if she was going to throw $2 down the drain, then she was going to take her time to chose the perfect numbers. She thought back to all the numbers she had encountered in life and tried to decide which ones were the luckiest. She thought back to her old sports jerseys, numbers printed on the back of saved fortunes, the date of her first kiss, first love, first birthday. While she was considering all the possibilities, a line had formed behind her. A man with a case of beer under his arm mumbled under his breath for her to hurry up. A lady behind him said even louder that “she was taking too damn long.” Quickly, she jotted down the first numbers that came to her mind, shoved the ticket into her back pocket, and left.

By the time she gotten home, she had already forgotten about the ticket. She was supposed to meet her friends for drinks that night and was running late. She changed out her clothes, leaving them on the floor, and put on a flirty dress. She dressed it up with scarves and accessories so that they wouldn’t notice it was the same thing she wore the last time they went out. Once she was finally satisfied with her look and confident that no one would notice it was the same dress, she headed out.

At the bar, she sipped glass after glass of the bar’s cheapest wine and listened while her friends filled her in on all the latest gossip. She smiled and tried not to think about how she was going to pay for these drinks plus an Uber home.

It was almost midnight when she got home. She was officially drunk and broke from the night. Instead of going to her room, she curled up on her couch and absent-mindedly turned on the television to a late-night talk show. Scrolling along the bottom of the screen, she saw a string of numbers that looked vaguely familiar. It took her drunken mind a few moments to register that it was the night’s winning lottery numbers.

She stumbled through her tiny apartment, searching for her ticket from earlier. Finally, she remembered putting it in her jeans’ pocket and went to retrieve it. She went back to the television to verify that the numbers were correct. Each one matched up perfectly. She couldn’t believe it. She had just won the lottery!

It took a moment for her brain to register how much she had won. On the screen next to the lottery numbers, it said the winning amount was 149 million dollars.

She stumbled back on the couch, this time it wasn’t the alcohol that made her unsteady on her feet. She thought of what she would do with her winnings. First, she would pay off her college loans. Then she would do something nice for her parents. Perhaps she would buy them a new house, or pay for them to go on a really fancy vacation to somewhere exotic. Hell, she could afford to give them both! She would give some of her winnings to charity. With that kind of money, she could start her own charity! Rather than drinking the cheap stuff, she could finally afford to buy the more expensive bottles of wine when she went out. Finally, she would treat herself to a lavish shopping spree in New York where she could buy a new dress for every occasion! And that’s when she really started to dream…


If Money Were No Object: 


Jeans | Cashmere Sweater | Boots | Silk Shirt | Handbag | Ring | Silk Scarf | Trench 


Comment Questions: If you won the lottery, what would you buy with your winnings? What’s in your dream designer closet? 

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