Looking Back on 2017

Photo by Pepe Reyes

Happy 2018 my beautiful internet friends!

For a second, I almost didn’t recognize you. As you know, new year, new you.

This year I thought about being Diane Keaton, but I can’t rock menswear like she can, so I’ve decided to continue to be little ole me.

But you, my friend, look great! Tell me how is 2018 treating you?

Before I start rambling about my goals for 2018, I wanted to take a moment to look back on 2017 and how this blog came to be. There will be a post about my 2018 goals going up on Monday!

Back in August, I took a giant leap of faith by creating this blog. I’m emphasizing this blog because I have had blogs over the years (6 to be exact), but I was never truly happy with them. My previous blogs lacked originality. I was following the formula for a “successful blog” that was sure to get “tons of traffic” and make “tons of money” so that I could buy “tons of designer handbags.” Bottom line, they were sites that lacked heart and creativity and passion. Three things that are very important to me.

I decided to shift my focus less on what was popular and more on what was true to me. One day I was browsing the internet for a new perfume and kept being drawn to the product descriptions on each perfume. I loved how it interweaved a narrative into the description that promised to give you love, fame, and riches of all kinds. I mean, who wouldn’t want a douse themselves in that?
While I did walk away empty-handed in the perfume department, a seed was planted in the back of my mind that would eventually sprout into a tree of stories.

For days I thought about the perfumes’ narratives and wondered if I could write something similar on my own. I had always tried to blog about fashion, but I could never find my voice until that moment. Suddenly, I didn’t care about getting “tons of traffic” and “tons of money” and buying “tons of designer handbags.” I just wanted to sit down and create fun witty stories that would hopefully brighten up somebody’s day. Once I settled on the name, I bought the domain -yes, I invested money so there would be no way for me to back out – and I started writing stories. The rest, as they say, was history.

To officially close out 2017, I want to mention a few of my favorite posts and how they came to be.

The Girl With The Red Lipstick: When I was trying to come up with story ideas, I went through all my makeup and clothes looking for inspiration. I came across a red lipstick and then suddenly I envisioned a girl wearing nothing but red lipstick to her bed where she was surrounded by white linen. I thought what kind of person would do that, and the idea of a high-society girl started to form.

Same Time Next Year: Originally, I wanted this story to have a Jaws theme to it. It was going to be about three friends swimming in the ocean when one of them gets attacked by a great white shark. However, the story never took off. Eventually, I decided to go in The Sisterhood of The Traveling pants direction, and that story ended up being much better. Plus the image of three friends getting together every summer to catch up is nicer than three friends being attacked by a great white shark!

The Love of Her Life: Somehow I had gotten hooked on watching unboxing videos of designer handbags on Youtube, and I couldn’t help but wonder if some of those people were more in love with their handbag collection than their significant others. I wondered what it would look like if someone really was, and that’s how the story came to be.

Her Signature Scent Experiment: This story is the closest one to my real life. Back in the summer, for some unbeknownst reason, I decided it was time to find my signature scent. For months I wore a different scent every day making notes on the scent, how long it lasted on my skin, how strong it was, etc. until I finally narrowed it down.  I felt like a crazy scientist during the whole process, which made me want to sit down and fictionalize the story.

Muses #1 & 2: I love seeing other people’s monthly favorites, and I wanted to share my own but with my own special twist. I’m by no means a poet, but I was drawn to the idea of expressing my opinions through haikus. It keeps things short and sweet. Plus it challenges me as a writer to find the right words to express my opinion.



Comment Question: What was your favorite part of 2017? 



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