Sweet Dreams

Photo by Elizabeth Lies

She always dreams of satin pajamas and lace nighties instead of her worn-out yoga pants and college tee that she wears to bed every night. She wished she had a fairy godmother who could bibbidi-bobbidi-boo her into luxurious fabrics; then she could get a full night’s sleep while looking like a princess. Although no one would be looking at her while she slept, and if she were to awake and find that someone was, she’d be too terrified to worry about how she looked. And now, she was too scared to go to sleep in case there was a creeper lurking nearby just waiting for her to doze off. To get that thought out of her mind, she pulled up her favorite online shop and perused the site to satin pajamas. Her mind was able to relax as she scrolled through all the pretty pajama options and added them to her cart. She realized that she already had a fairy godmother. She was only a few feet away in her pocketbook in the form of an American Express card. No bibbidi-bobbidi-boo required. A simple CVV number and an expiration date would do the trick!

She was adding a long sleeve blue striped set to her shopping cart when she noticed the fabric content at the bottom right of the screen: made from imported polyester. POLYESTER! She was no longer picturing herself getting 8-hours of blissful sleep. Instead, she pictured herself waking up and hearing that awful static sound fabric sometimes makes when you try to pull it off your body. And then she pictured herself getting shocked from everything she touched. The pajamas no longer seemed worth it!

That night she didn’t dream of satin pajamas or lace nighties; instead, she dreamt of cotton pj sets. And that was the best night’s sleep she had in a long time.


Pretty Pj’s

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Comment Questions: What’s your favorite thing to sleep in? Do you prefer satin to cotton pj’s? Are you a fan of pajama sets or do you like to mix and match? I’m a cotton pajama set type of girl!


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