Spring Wardrobe Wishlist


As I’m writing this, it is cold and pouring rain outside. Not the kind of weather that puts you in a spring mood. However, I know underneath the thick mass of stratus clouds, the sun is somewhere just waiting to poke out and fill our lives with light and warmth. At least I think it is. I hope it is. I could be wrong; I was never very good at science.

But for the sake of a metaphor, let’s pretend it is up there somewhere trapped behind the clouds, fighting its way out. And let’s hope that when the sun does finally come out, it will bring enough warmth so that the flowers can start to bloom, and that I may finally shed my winter sweaters for something lighter. I’ve never been the type of person who felt the need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe each season in order to keep up with the trends. However, I do like switching things up just a little bit season to season. Here my wardrobe wishlist for spring:

A Short Sleeve Dress

Call my Ms. Modest, but I’m not a big  fan of thin strapped dresses. I like my dresses to have thick straps. It’s gotta have straps that are least 3-fingers wide, y’all. I’m looking to incorporate a short sleeve style dress into my wardrobe that looks stylish yet modest at the same time. And I think I found the perfect site for just that: Piper and Scoot. They have some beautiful pieces on there that is perfect for spring!

one | two | three | four

A White Tee

A basic white tee is considered a staple in most people’s wardrobe, and it seems rightly so since it can be paired with almost anything. You can dress it up with a pair of trousers and a blazer to wear to work, or dress it down with a pair of distressed denim for a laidback weekend look.

one | two | three | four

Distressed Boyfriend Shorts

I used to have a pair of boyfriend shorts that I wore practically every day during spring and summer. I remember the day I went to put them on and could no longer zip them. If I remember correctly, a tear or two was shed that day while I took my frustration out on a giant bag of Skittles. No wonder I couldn’t zip my shorts… Anyways, recently, I’ve been thinking back on my fond memories of those boyfriend shorts and how they made everything I owned look cool. I felt like a real badass when I’d wear those shorts with a band tee or solid tee. Even my dressier tops, had a laidback cool vibe when I paired the two together. Boyfriend shorts are just cool, okay! And this spring/summer I’m definitely going to add a pair back into my wardrobe!

one | two | three | four




What’s on your wardrobe wishlist for spring?


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