I try to keep this blog as fictionalized as possible, but since your looking at this About Me page because you want to learn more about me; it would be rude of me to fictionalize my life.

So here goes…

I’m Leah, a super sexy, super rich, super famous fashion extraordinaire. I travel to the most luxurious vacation spots and am fluent in all the romance languages, including the language of L-O-V-E, fellas. Did I mention I’m super sexy?

ohhh wait.

I promised you that I wouldn’t fictionalize my life…

I’m Leah, a writer, screenwriter, and a one time filmmaker from North Carolina. I have an average body-build, an average bank-account, and I get my fashion advice from the true fashion extraordinaries Diane Keaton and Diane Kruger. I have never traveled out of the US, but I often daydream about buying a castle in Wales and marrying a local sheep farmer. I speak very little French and even less Welsh. I’m a pretty average girl, but when I see/read a great story my insides get all gooey, my heart begins to beat out rhythms of love and joy, and I fall love. Every. Single. Time. And a girl in love is greater than money, fame and the perfect body.

A big thank you to all the copywriters that work on those big fancy perfume ads. Without your talent for writing incredibly cheesy yet oh-so-romantic storylines, this blog would not have been born.