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FabFitFun Spring 2018 Unboxing

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Getting FabFitFun is like celebrating Christmas 4x’s a year. Each season a box of goodies with a value of $300+ is delivered to your doorstep for only $49.95!* I love FabFitFun because they include a wide range of products such as beauty, fashion, fitness, cooking, arts & crafts, health, etc. in their boxes, so you don’t feel like you’re drowning in the same type of products.

Be sure to watch the video at the bottom of this post if you want to see everything that is in FabFitFun’s Spring box!

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20 Things To Do In Spring


1.) Wake early one morning to go strawberry picking and spend the afternoon baking a strawberry pie. Here’s my favorite recipe.

2.) Plan a girls trip to some place you’ve never to before.

3.) Play tourist in your own city/town by going to an event happening in your area. In the warmer months, there are usually more outdoor events and activities happening. Don’t be afraid to check ’em out. I promise you they won’t be lame! Give your town more credit! It’s your home after all.

4.) Take a spontaneous day trip one weekend. Don’t waste any time planning. Just hop in the car and go. Spontaneous trips are always the most rememberable; mainly, because you remember everything that you forgot to do! At least you’ll have a great story to tell when you do #16!

5.) Go on a picnic at your local park!


6.) Spring clean your space. Instead of trying to get it done all in one day, take it slow. I love to use Pick up Limes’ 30 days to Minimalism as a guide. It focuses on decluttering one section at a time.

7.) From all the spring cleaning you’ve been doing, have a yard sale (or garage sale or junk sale). Whatever you want to call it. Then you can take your earnings and put it towards the girls trip that’s #2 on the list!

8.) Open your windows and let some fresh air in!

9.) Freshen up your room by buying a room spray in a fresh fruity scent. Spray on your linens, clothes, and in your air vents.

10.) Get your room spring and summer ready by switching out your thick winter bedding for something light and airy.


11.) Put away your bulky winter sweaters and replace your wardrobe with flowy light-weight pieces.

12.) Sandal weather is on its way, so treat yourself to a pedicure! Bonus points if you choose a bright poppy color for your toes.

13.) Find the perfect pink shade for your lips.

14.) Switch up your style by playing around with one of this season’s trends. Personally, I’m a big fan of florals and jumpsuits!

15.) Go ahead and let your hair down, and while you’re at it, cut a few inches off.


16.) Host an outdoor party that includes good food, music, games, and great friends. (:

17.) Spend the afternoon napping in the sun. Just make sure you have on SPF!

18.) Take time to stop and smell the roses.

19.) While you’re smelling those roses, go ahead and pick some for yourself. Fresh picked flowers is an instant mood booster.

20.) Step out of your comfort zone and try one thing that you’ve always wanted to do but were too afraid to. Girl, you’ve got this!



Signs of Spring


Back in college, whenever I would come home for weekends, I always looked forward to taking an afternoon walk with my parents. It’s something my mom did on a regular basis and would usually end up convincing my father to tag along. We would walk in the woods and in the giant field beside our house. Sometimes I would fill them in on my studies, and other times, my mom would catch me up on everything that I missed. Sometimes we wouldn’t talk at all and just listened to the sounds of nature as we walked.

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A Valentine’s Day Sonnet



Photo: Brigitte Tohm


If only Valentine’s Day happened thrice,

on the darkest, coldest days of winter

when your body is still frozen from the ice,

and you need permission to reenter

the glorious life you knew you once had.

May every kiss act as a reminder

that the good will always trump the bad.

May every sweet word whispered be kinder

than the one before, so when the ice cracks,

and you heart starts beating more and more,

you will recognize its rhythm and relax.

You have heard this melody before.

The bouquet of flowers is your lover’s vow.

He’ll always love you, especially now.



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The Five Films I Watched in January

Photo by Jeremy Yap

After spending about two years trying to convince myself that I could live without Netflix, I finally bit the bullet and rejoined the Netflix and chill crew. Although, let’s be honest, there has been way too many great shows and movies that I’ve missed, there hasn’t been time to chill.

Here’s what I watched in January.

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Goals for 2018

Photo by Stephanie McCabe

Usually, when the new year rolls around, I’ll make a list of 20+ goals I want to accomplish that year, and then I get overwhelmed and not tackle a single one. This year I want to keep things simple. There are 3 major goals I want to accomplish this year plus few smaller ones. I’ll be treating these smaller goals almost like monthly challenges rather than year-long goals.

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Looking Back on 2017

Photo by Pepe Reyes

Happy 2018 my beautiful internet friends!

For a second, I almost didn’t recognize you. As you know, new year, new you.

This year I thought about being Diane Keaton, but I can’t rock menswear like she can, so I’ve decided to continue to be little ole me.

But you, my friend, look great! Tell me how is 2018 treating you?

Before I start rambling about my goals for 2018, I wanted to take a moment to look back on 2017 and how this blog came to be. There will be a post about my 2018 goals going up on Monday!

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