…For Wishful Thinking

Photo by Heidi Sandstrom

She had bought the lottery ticket on a whim. She had stopped at a service station for a fill-up and a pack of gum when she spotted the Powerball sign right beside the till. With the change from her purchase, she decided to buy one. Afterall, it was only 2 bucks! She could afford to waste $2; although, she really could not. She ignored that fact and told herself that in her twenties she was supposed to be spontaneous and fun, and buying a lottery ticket was both.

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Tis The Season…

Photo by Viktor Hanacek

With store advertisements saturating her daily newspaper reading, television watching, and internet browsing, she decided it was time to take a break from all things consumerism.

She knew from experience that money doesn’t buy happiness. Just take a look in her closet of barely worn “on-trend” clothes, and you’ll see that the number of expensive items in your closet doesn’t make you superior to others.

So instead of shopping, she decided to remind herself of the thing that truly made her happy, which she quickly realized were things that cost no money at all.

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Cashmere, A Love Story

Photo by Victoria Bilsborough on Unsplash

It was only supposed to be a fling. A quickie. A rebellious act for her as she disregarded everything her mother ever told her. It wasn’t supposed to last. But she was approaching the two year mark and still hadn’t put an end to it.

It was only a sweater. Just a normal cashmere sweater like all the rest. There was no need for her to feel this attached. It wasn’t like they were going to stay together forever. It would probably move on to some other girl in no time at all, which, she didn’t want to admit, would leave her heart broken.

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Her Signature Scent Experiment

Photo: Daria Nepriakhina

If her experiment goes according to plan, then she will have solved one of Life’s most sought-after questions: how do you find your signature scent?

With dozens of beakers spread out in front of her on the table, she sniffs one, scribbles something in her notebook, and then takes a whiff from the coffee can next to her. She continues this process until she had tested every single one.

She knows this job isn’t going to be an easy task. To complete this experiment, it’s going to take time, determination, and a good snout.

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Autumn Sightings

Photo by Vicktor Hanacek 

When she looks to the right, she sees the okra stalks blooming. The flowers are a pale yellow with a dark red center. The bloom looks like it should be behind someone’s ear as they sway to the music somewhere on a tropical island. Instead, it remains attached to the okra stalk in an overgrown garden, waiting until someone comes with a plow to cut it down.

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Dancing The Night Away

Photo: Viktor Hanacek

“I’ve lived here my entire life, but I have never been to the fall festival.”

“It’s sorta cool, I guess. I mean, if there’s nothing better to do,” he said and then silently prayed that she too busy looking at all the different booths of games and various carnival food to notice that he sounded like a bumbling idiot.

“Is that why you brought me here? There was nothing better to do,” she asked. He saw she had a teasing look in her eye. He wondered if she was testing him.

“No, of course not! I was just-” She reached out grabbing one of his hands and squeezed it gently, silencing him.

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20 Things To Do in Fall

  1. Get your wardrobe fall ready by adding warmer layers, scarfs, and boots: if your wardrobe is looking a little boring, think about adding a few trendy items to your wardrobe. Just remember, you don’t have to buy something just because it’s in style. Yes, red is in, but if red makes you look like a tomato (guilty) then look for other ways to add color to your wardrobe.
  2. Drink apple cider: bonus points if you add extra mulling spice to it.
  3. Decorate your space for the cooler months: bring out the twinkle lights, candles, and other fall decorations. If you’re on budget, look to mother nature for decor inspiration. Place acorns and pinecones in glass jars for a cosy rustic look.
  4. Go on a drive to see the leaves changing.
  5. Treat yourself to a little makeover: Whether it’s treating yourself to a new bold lipstick, neutral eye shadow palette, or completely changing the color of your hair. It’s a new season, go crazy!
  6. Carve a pumpkin while listening to oldies.
  7. Bake your favorite apple dessert or challenge yourself to bake something new: You can check out the ol’ Pinterest or if you’re feeling really crazy (maybe you added more than just mulling spice to your cider) create your own recipe.
  8. Host a scary movie night: and yes, Young Frankenstein and High Anxiety totally count!
  9. Turn off the lights, light a candle or two (or three), put on your favorite record, and do nothing except lay there and listen to music.
  10. Gather up canned goods and drop them off at your local food pantry.
  11. Finally crack open that book you complain about never having time to read, and MAKE time to read it: bonus points if you read it while drinking a steamy cup of tea or cider.
  12. Spend the day at a fall festival/fair/carnival: basically any place where you can get candy apples and cotton candy counts.
  13. Make your bed even more cozy by adding thicker blankets in deep autumnal shades.
  14. Try wearing your favorite scarf in a new way: check out this video for some inspiration.
  15. Fall means that network television is back, baby! Instead of binge watching the season in one day. Watch it the old fashion way with the commercials included.
  16. Spend the afternoon picking apples at an orchard.
  17. Create a list of all the things you’re thankful for. Display it somewhere so that you can read over it whenever you’re feeling anxious or stressed.
  18. Have friends over for a bonfire.
  19. Challenge yourself to make a new dish using only in-season ingredients.
  20. Spend an entire weekend without being glued to your phone: no phone, no internet, no problem.




Style School: Fall 2017 Trends

Photo: Viktor Hanacek

The click clack of her silver metallic boots had people’s heads turning as she walked down the hall. She couldn’t help but smile as she passed the gawkers. All this attention made her feel like she on a runway at fashion week and not walking down the dimly lit hall to her next class.

With all the attention she was getting from her peers, she had a feeling her next class was going to be easier than she thought. She entered the crowded classroom and found an empty seat in the front row by the window.

On the board, she saw the teacher had already written the topic for day: Fall 2017 Trends.

A girl passing on the way to the back of the room, stop and told her that she loved her boots. She smiled again feeling the confidence from earlier.

“Who knows,” she thought, “I might end up being the one teaching this class!”

Class is in session!   


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