20 Things To Do In Spring


1.) Wake early one morning to go strawberry picking and spend the afternoon baking a strawberry pie. Here’s my favorite recipe.

2.) Plan a girls trip to some place you’ve never to before.

3.) Play tourist in your own city/town by going to an event happening in your area. In the warmer months, there are usually more outdoor events and activities happening. Don’t be afraid to check ’em out. I promise you they won’t be lame! Give your town more credit! It’s your home after all.

4.) Take a spontaneous day trip one weekend. Don’t waste any time planning. Just hop in the car and go. Spontaneous trips are always the most rememberable; mainly, because you remember everything that you forgot to do! At least you’ll have a great story to tell when you do #16!

5.) Go on a picnic at your local park!


6.) Spring clean your space. Instead of trying to get it done all in one day, take it slow. I love to use Pick up Limes’ 30 days to Minimalism as a guide. It focuses on decluttering one section at a time.

7.) From all the spring cleaning you’ve been doing, have a yard sale (or garage sale or junk sale). Whatever you want to call it. Then you can take your earnings and put it towards the girls trip that’s #2 on the list!

8.) Open your windows and let some fresh air in!

9.) Freshen up your room by buying a room spray in a fresh fruity scent. Spray on your linens, clothes, and in your air vents.

10.) Get your room spring and summer ready by switching out your thick winter bedding for something light and airy.


11.) Put away your bulky winter sweaters and replace your wardrobe with flowy light-weight pieces.

12.) Sandal weather is on its way, so treat yourself to a pedicure! Bonus points if you choose a bright poppy color for your toes.

13.) Find the perfect pink shade for your lips.

14.) Switch up your style by playing around with one of this season’s trends. Personally, I’m a big fan of florals and jumpsuits!

15.) Go ahead and let your hair down, and while you’re at it, cut a few inches off.


16.) Host an outdoor party that includes good food, music, games, and great friends. (:

17.) Spend the afternoon napping in the sun. Just make sure you have on SPF!

18.) Take time to stop and smell the roses.

19.) While you’re smelling those roses, go ahead and pick some for yourself. Fresh picked flowers is an instant mood booster.

20.) Step out of your comfort zone and try one thing that you’ve always wanted to do but were too afraid to. Girl, you’ve got this!



Spring Wardrobe Wishlist


As I’m writing this, it is cold and pouring rain outside. Not the kind of weather that puts you in a spring mood. However, I know underneath the thick mass of stratus clouds, the sun is somewhere just waiting to poke out and fill our lives with light and warmth. At least I think it is. I hope it is. I could be wrong; I was never very good at science.

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Signs of Spring


Back in college, whenever I would come home for weekends, I always looked forward to taking an afternoon walk with my parents. It’s something my mom did on a regular basis and would usually end up convincing my father to tag along. We would walk in the woods and in the giant field beside our house. Sometimes I would fill them in on my studies, and other times, my mom would catch me up on everything that I missed. Sometimes we wouldn’t talk at all and just listened to the sounds of nature as we walked.

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